Terry Kemper

After a turbulent life growing up, Terry came to Nashville in 1988 with four children and no job.  “I always believed there was a God,” Kemper says, “but I just never thought he was there for me.” Because of a small inheritance, she was able to start her own alterations shop, which later evolved into a successful restaurant and catering business.

Terry met Brett in 2008, and they quickly became friends because of their mutual calling to serve God and help the underprivileged. Terry opened up her home in Hendersonville to the homeless and eventually helped Brett and others create what is now Lambscroft Ministries. She has been slowed over the past two years by her ongoing struggle with cancer. The disease forced her to sell her business. Her survival thus far has astounded the doctors. She attributes her continued strength and endurance to “all those people, including my amazing guys, who have been praying.” Terry shares the dream of seeing The Cookery succeed in Nashville, not only as an eatery and catering enterprise but also as a training ground to restore the lives of homeless men and women.

After two and half year battle with Pancreatic Cancer, Terry finally came into rest on a rainy March 02, 2014. Terry is survived by her 4 children, 14 grandchildren, her loving sister and her Lambscroft and The Cookery family and friends.