Our Culinary Training Program


Our goal is simple:

Love well and teach our homeless and transitioning students a new skill set.

Anyone can learn a new skill set. Our aim, however, is to re-establish identity and sense of purpose and destiny. If we can help break cycles of hopelessness, bad choices and regret, while loving and teaching, our students will not only secure jobs but also be confident to enter relationships with their communities once again.

“That’s our vision—and our fundraising challenge,” said Brett Swayn, the formerly homeless founder of Lambscroft. “We want to raise enough money to enable a homeless individual to go through seven month program (some students require more than seven months depending on the level of trauma, health issues and mental state when they reach us). That involves housing, monthly stipend, uniforms, kitchen utensils, study guides, medical and dental check-ups. Once a student graduates, they have, on average, one to two months to find a job and begin saving to transition back into the community.

The new Nashville is seeing a dramatic rise in rental and housing costs. Less people are finding affordable housing; imagine our friends on the very bottom spectrum of the economic scale. We continue to try and keep our expenses as low as we can for these individuals. Every dollar that is donated goes towards our efforts to restore and retrain our students with hope, integrity and the value of community. It costs us an estimated $5,874 per student; sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the whole state of the individual. We treat everyone on a case by case basis. Our aim is not to “get them in and get them out”. Our aim is to see individuals restored, living in hope and in community where surviving is no longer their daily task.

Have your church, youth group, small group, college club, civic group consider sponsoring a part of the journey.

Culinary Students and Housing = Our students have a house and a bed to come home to each night.
Sponsor a bed. Cost: $215. What does that mean? We need new mattresses, new bedding, and towels for each available bed. We have 11 beds total. $110 will buy a brand new twin mattress. $40 will buy bed bug mattress protector. $3 will buy a new pillow. $7 will buy a bed bug pillow protector. $40 will buy a brand new twin size bed-in-a-bag kit. $15 will buy a bath,hand and face towel set. When you donate, please indicate that you want to sponsor a bed!

Welcome Home Kit: Help us put together a welcome home kit for our new students: Cost $100
$25 Kroger Gift Card- for their first couple weeks of food at home.
A pack of new socks = $8
A pack of new underwear= $12
A pack of new black t-shirts= $12
New pair of pants= $15
Essentials (shaving cream, razors, toothpaste, toothbrush,deodorant, laundry detergent)= $25
When you donate, please indicate Welcome Home Kit.

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