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Adopt A Warm Hands Saturday

Fall is here. Winter is coming. Cooler temperatures. Wet weather. Our friends on the streets of Nashville could use some help staying warm. We are putting out a call for folks to adopt (sponsor) a Saturday.

21 Saturdays of Warm Hands

From November 11- March 31st, there are 21 Saturdays.

5 boxes of Hot Hands = 180 Pair of Hand Warmers.

Each box of 36qty costs $15 at Sam's Club.

5 boxes = $75 | 21 Saturdays=$1575

Warmers will be dispensed every Saturday at Breakfast for the Homeless at Downtown Presbyterian Church.

Adopt one or several Saturdays this Winter and help us keep their hands warm!

How to sponsor a Saturday:

1. Donate via our website through Paypal- please make a note :Warm Hands when you donate.

2. Write a check and note Warm Hands in the memo.

3. If you already shop at Sam's Club, pick up 5 boxes of Hot Hands 36ct and drop them off at The Cookery during business hours. We will assign a Saturday to your gift. If you would like to be a part of handing them out at the Saturday Breakfast, let us know!

Thanks again for partnering with us!


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