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Winter Needs for the Homeless

Updated: May 19, 2022

The cold weather has arrived and our partner agencies need help keeping up with the supplies. We are partnering with Open Table Nashville this winter as well as continuing to hand out items at the weekly Saturday Breakfast at Downtown Presbyterian Church (sign up here to volunteer).

Here are some items that are super helpful during these cold Winter months.


[] sleeping bags

[] hand warmers/toe warmers/body warmers *NEED THESE ASAP

[] wool/cold temp socks

[] long sleeve shirts (both men and women)

[] 1lb propane tanks

[] gloves

[] quality blankets

[] Hot chocolate/instant coffee packs which include:

instant chocolate/coffee packet, a bottled water, 12oz to go cup w/lid

[] Throat drops (for sore throat)

[] wet wipes

[] beef/turkey jerky sticks

[] cracker packets (peanut butter/cheese)

[] easy top canned foods

You can find most of these items at Kroger, Walmart, Dollar Stores and Dollar Tree.

$5 or $10 Gift Cards to McDonalds, Starbucks, Panera, Dunkin Donuts, Dunn Brothers Coffee, The Well or any coffee shop in Downtown Nashville area.

You can buy the items yourself and bring it to The Cookery during business hours.

You can donate at the register by cash or credit and let the server know its for

Winter Giving Tree.

You can give online and note : Winter Giving Tree.

You can also purchase the items and hand them out yourself and see the blessing it is to give.

Thanks for helping our friends.


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