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Thank You for a Wonderful Year!

Updated: May 19, 2022

2018 was a great and challenging year for many of us. We worked hard at The Cookery. Many men began the Culinary Program. Eight men graduated. We lost two beautiful lives to overdoses. We helped men transition out of the program and into their own lives in the community. We had health struggles and health victories. God showed us through it all that there is beauty to be found in it all.

Christmas Brunch was a big success thanks in part to your generous giving.

Between Christmas Brunch and Saturday Morning Breakfast at DPC, we fed over 330 people; gave out over 200 gifts and over 250 Gift Cards. We ate and talked and sang Christmas songs. We are still giving out Giving Tree items that continue to come in for our fiends on the streets. Thank you so much for allowing us to be hands and feet of Jesus and the wonderful news of love!

Happy New Year. We look forward to reaching more people with the Good News and Love.


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