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What's in your savory pie?

Updated: May 19, 2022

To pie or not to pie? That is the question. Here at The Cookery, we like pies.

Aussie pies to be exact! Chef Brett's desire to bring a little bit of home to your table comes in the form of a few items in our menu that reflect Aussie taste buds.

Meet the Aussie Meat Pie.

The Aussie Meat Pie is a mix of tender braised choice steak in a mild Thyme gravy in our own short crust pastry. It is served with Cookery baked fries sprinkled with our very own coffee rub spices. Some like it with catsup. Others prefer our in house rich and delicious brown gravy.

Meet Aunty Joey's Curry Chicken Pie.

It looks the same, you say?! It does look the same on the outside but inside is a whole different story. Our recipe for this little beauty comes from Chef Brett's Aunty Joey in Perth, Western Australia! On a trip back home Chef Brett tasted Aunty Joey's Chicken Curry and decided it was time to bring that deliciousness to The Cookery. This house made chicken curry uses Aunty Joey's recipe of not too much curry, but just the right amount to feel a slight warmth without being too spicy. It's another favorite here at The Cookery. Thanks Aunty Joey!

Have a try! Let us know what you think of our Aussie pies!

Note: The Cookery also makes a fabulous and quite large Chicken Pot Pie. This item is available for catering orders only.


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