Cookery Hours Update

UPDATE...... Please note our hours have changed.

Mon-Friday: 7am-3pm Saturday- CLOSED Sunday- 11am-2pm


We are open & ready to serve you curbside service. To place your order, call 615.269.2911


We will still be operating as a donation drop off point. If you are looking to donate any food products, hygiene products, or cleaning supplies, we will make sure those items make it to people who find themselves in need.

We will also continue to take food daily to the homeless. Our norm for this is a sandwich, granola bar or some other soft snack (suitable for those without teeth), and bottled water. If you would like to participate with us in this outreach, we would welcome any donations of gallon ziplock bags, granola bars, or bottled water.

We join with the prayers for the well-being of all those affected, and we pray for the returning health of our neighborhoods and cities.

To all, blessings from all the staff at The Cookery.


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