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Year End Giving

Updated: May 19, 2022

Dear Friends, Thank you for your support of Lambscroft Ministries. You are an essential part of this ministry’s healing work. Your prayers, your time, and your financial support play a vital role in bringing hope and recovery to many. Your gifts make it possible to continue this important work to all who come to be made well. This restoration is housed within the work of The Cookery, where men come from backgrounds of despair seeking healing and wholeness. As they learn a culinary skill, giving each one a means to work in society, they are also gaining hope and becoming a part of an encouraging community.

In 2019, fifteen men entered the Cookery program. We housed 22 men in various stages of their journey this year. We welcome your financial support as we close out this year and make plans for our work in 2020. As you give know that you are making a difference in someone’s life with your kindness and generosity. Without your help,

we cannot continue our ministry.

Donations by check, made out to Lambscroft Ministries, online and over the phone are easy and secure. Visit or call 615-269- 2911. Thank you for continuing to partner with us. Blessings, Brett, Merari, & the Lambscroft | The Cookery team

Year In Review One Graduate of the Culinary Program (Fifteen began the program. Five currently in training) • Continued partnership with Faith Family Medical Center to meet healthcare needs of our students. • Continued partnership with DPC Breakfast for Homeless • Continued teaching partnership with DCSO jails. 23 Students taught and tested. • Giving Tree increased ability to help people in need. • Continued parntership with Insight Counseling Center for mental and behavioral health services for our students and staff. • Supplied after school meals weekly to Water Walkers mentoring group in the Edgehill community. • Thanksgiving and Christmas Outreach to the local Woodbine homeless community. • Since opening in 2013, we have enrolled 76 men, graduating 22 • We are a 501c3 Non Profit | EIN 27-0222804


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